Welcome Spring with Birdie Balloon Garland

Easy Easter Chick Balloon Garland

The sound of chirping birds is one of the first signs I look forward to every Spring. With just a few party balloons, you can make your own darling string of Spring Chick Balloon Garland. These little guys are my family’s go-to Easter decorations and never fail to make me want to throw a spring baby shower or a little one’s birthday party! I love being able to take everyday balloons from the local grocery store and transform them into rows and rows of sweet little feathery friends.

What You Need

  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Oval balloons (I used yellow – but play around if you want more colorful birdies)
  • 2 feathers per chick
  • Orange crepe paper
  • Black permanent marker
  • Ribbon or string
Easy Easter Chick Balloon Garland


Easy Easter Chick Balloon Garland
Step 1
Inflate balloon to approximately 75%. Make sure the balloon is not too full with air or else it will pop when twisting it into sections. Flip the balloon upside down so that the knotted lip is facing upwards. Then rotate the top third of the balloon several times to create the chick’s head. (You may want to wrap a thin ribbon or string around the twist to make sure it stays in place.)

Easy Easter Chick Balloon Garland
Step 2
Tear small pieces of double-sided tape and place them on either side of your chick. Stick one feather to each side to make your chick’s wings.

Easy Easter Chick Balloon Garland
Step 3
Cut a tiny piece of crepe paper and twist it into a cone to make the beak. Place a small piece of double-sided tape in the center of the chick’s head and attach the beak. Draw on eyes with a black marker.

Easy Easter Chick Balloon Garland
Step 4
Tie small pieces of ribbon or string to the top of the balloon to make garland decorations. If you’re making a banner out of your birdie balloons, tie these smaller pieces to a longer ribbon/string. Use them to decorate your deck, hang from branches in your garden, dangle on doorknobs, or string across the mantle.

Easy Easter Chick Balloon Garland

Happy Spring!