Wild Horses Candy Cake

When we saw these adorable gummy candy Dala horses at the store, we obviously grabbed them for our ever growing stash of cute candy. It wasn’t long until we found the perfect excuse to use (and eat!) them – this wild horses cake! It doesn’t take much at all to make it, and it’s super fun to arrange, kind of like a candy diorama! Scroll down to see a few tips and tricks.

what you need:

  • Cake (iced with green frosting)
  • Horse shaped gummy candies
  • Green sprinkles
  • Spearmint leaf gummies
  • Green gumdrops
  • Root beer (brown) liquorice
  • Scissors


Step 1
Place your gummy horses onto the cake. The ones we used were actually Dala horses – we found them at Cost Plus World Market.

Step 2
For the trees, we used a combination of green spearmint gummies, green gum drops, and Root Beer liquorice. Cut the Root Beer liquorice into small pieces to be the tree trunks. Place the trees around the cake, mixing and matching leaves and trunks.

Step 3
To finish it up, add some green sprinkles around the cake to look like grass.