The Very Best Monster Recipes

We’ve declared it Monster Week here on Handmade Charlotte – hooray!! Today we’ve rounded up a few of our all-time favorite recipes, perfect for all you monster fans out there! Mix and match these recipes for the tastiest Monster Mash Bash around or pick your favorite to bring along to a Halloween potluck party this year.

5-Minute Monster Party Bark
This monster bark recipe is crazy simple!! Just melt some chocolate and mix in pretzels, coconut, your favorite mini candy bars, and some eye ball sprinkles and you’ve got a batch of monster bark ready for your Halloween party!

Chocolate Monster Pops
These Frankenstein-inspired chocolate pops are super fun to decorate with kids! Wrap in cellophane and give as Halloween gifts to friends, or gobble them up right away.

Mutant Bunny Cake Decorating Tutorial
Turn a regular cake into this adorably silly mutant bunny! Cute meets scary in this cake decorating tutorial – we’re a big fan of bunnies but you could make a mutant cat or dog instead, if you prefer!

Bite-Size Marshmallow Monsters
Who’s hungry? These smiley guys sure look like they could go for a tasty monster snack – unless you eat them first!!

Straw Skeleton Cake Topper
Use drinking straws to turn any cake (or brownies!) into a spooky skeleton!

Chocolate Caramel-Covered Banana Goblins
Make your own banana goblin pops this October! This recipe uses caramel with the bananas and chocolate chips, but you could use peanut butter too!!