DIY Pasta Puppet: Elf

Did you see our post about how to make a dancing Santa pasta puppet earlier this week? We’ve been having so much fun playing with pasta that we knew we had to do an entire series of pasta puppets, so here’s our next one: a holly jolly elf! Keep reading to see more photos and how to make your own dancing elf!

what you need:

  • Elastic string
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Red pom poms
  • Black marker
  • Wooden skewer
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Blue paper
  • Wooden beads


Step 1
Cut a piece of elastic cord and put 1 smaller and 1 larger wooden bead at the top to be the elf’s head. Bend two pipe cleaners in half and place on the string as shown above – these will be the arms and legs. Put pasta noodles along the body between the pipe cleaners (3), on the pipe cleaner arms (2) separated by a small wooden bead, and on the legs (2) again separated by a small wooden bead.

Step 2
Give the pasta noodles a coat of blue paint and let dry.

Step 3
Thread the painted noodles and beads onto the pipe cleaners to form arms – bend the end into a little loop to be the hand. Do the same for the legs.

Step 4
Tie a loop at the top of the string and then thread on the two wooden beads. Next tie the sting around the center of the arms pipe cleaner, string on the torso pasta noodles, and then tie the string around the legs pipe cleaner.

Step 5
Cut two rounded bellies and a pointy elf hat out of blue paper. Hot glue the belly onto the torso, with another on the back. Glue the hat onto the wooden bead head, hiding the mini bead.

Step 6
Decorate the elf’s outfit with red pom poms and draw on a face.

Step 7
Put the loop onto a wooden skewer and tie a string onto one arm and then the skewer, and another string from the other arm to the skewer. There you have it! Make a whole dance crew of elves and paint them in rainbow colors for a super cool dancing puppet show!!

Photo and video by Caroline Gravino