Calm Back-to-School Jitters

Welcome back! Today we’re sharing the third video in our back-to-school video series from The Jim Henson Company and this one is all about sharing your story! If you’re just joining us now, make sure to go back and check out the earlier video tips about focusing on feelings and making a book, of course, featuring Chester and Mrs. Raccoon from everyone’s favorite book The Kissing Hand!

In this video, Mrs. Raccoon tells Chester that when she was a young kit, she too was nervous about going to school and leaving her parents for the first time. Sharing these stories with your little ones helps them understand that they can overcome the same challenges that you did! Plus, playing games with your kids (like Porcupine Pause!) can help them refocus their nervous energy and keep their minds and bodies busy too. Get comfy and watch the whole video below!

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And read more advice below from our friends at Sleepy Planet Parenting for even more insight on how to help your little one.

SHARE A PERSONAL STORY:  Children feel reassured when a trusted grown-up shares a personal story of when he/she separated from someone important and had some similar feelings to the child.  — “When I left my grandma, daddies, etc. sometimes I felt scared and wondered if they would come back to get me.”

We hope you enjoyed this third video and can’t wait to see you back here soon for one more piece of advice from Mrs. Raccoon and Chester. Until next time, see you later furry and furless friends!