Our Favorite Recycled Crafts for Kids

Have you heard about the global climate strike taking place today, September 20th? Young people all over the world are calling for change and disruption from business as usual. Anyone and everyone can take part and there are many ways to make a difference – there’s probably an event happening in your city! For kids and parents looking to get involved and help save the planet, take a look here to see what’s happening near you! In honor of the global climate strike, today we’re sharing a handful of our very favorite recycled craft projects. Every little thing makes a difference so let’s reduce, reuse, and recycle all while getting creative!

Milk Carton Birdhouse Village

Empty milk and juice cartons are the absolute perfect shape to make this cute little village. As you collect more and more cartons, you can continue to add to the bird neighborhood too!

Reusable Water Bottles

One huge yet simple way to help prevent waste is to bring your own reusable water bottle! For these ones, we gave upcycled glass bottles a quick and fun makeover with paper scraps and Mod Podge. Sipping in style as never been so easy!

Upcycled Island Wreath

This tropical wreath makes excellent use of cardboard egg cartons that you’re sure to have in your recycling bin every week. Why not give them a brand new life as this colorful and festive wreath? It’s sure to add some cheer to wherever you display it.

Cardboard Dress-Up Dolls

Save your corrugated cardboard boxes and fabric scraps – these do-it-yourself paper dolls are the perfect way to put them to use! Odd gloves or torn socks can be trimmed and turned into lovely mini outfits for your new set of dolls. Once you start looking, you’ll be surprised how many things can be turned into adorable outfits!

Darling Paper Envelopes

Use magazine scraps, leftover wrapping paper, or even painted paper bits to make these colorful paper envelopes. Make a whole bunch and send some snail mail to all your family & friends or fill with small gifts!

Recycled Butterfly Feeder

Gather up a few recycled household items and turn them into this colorful sanctuary for everyone’s favorite pollinators!

Recycled Cardboard Dinosaurs

Dino fans are sure to love this quick and simple craft! With just some recycled corrugated cardboard and leftover doilies, you’ll have a whole crew of dinosaurs that are ready to play.

Cereal Box Nesting Dolls

Give cereal boxes a brand new look and teach little ones about size, weight, and placement all at the same time!

Recycled Boats

If you end up with some plastic bottles or containers in your recycling bin, this is the project for you! Kids will have a blast learning about floatation and experimenting with different boats and vessels. These boats are sure to make a big splash, that’s for sure!

How to Make an Off-the-Grid Eco-Dollhouse

Teach kids about sustainable living all while crafting this spectacular eco-dollhouse inspired by real-life solutions and techniques! This project has many parts and would be a great long term project to work on with kids over a few days or weeks.

Happy recycling!!