The Best DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly and we’ve got DIY gifts and cards on the mind! It may sound cliche, but we totally agree with the sentiment that it’s the thought that counts. Do-it-yourself gifts are the perfect way to put that into action! Take a look through ten of our favorite ideas for Mother’s Day gifts and cards below – you very likely have most of the supplies you need!

DIY Painted Bouquet of Flowers

Painted Bouquet of Flowers

No need to make a special trip to pick up flowers, just paint your own instead! The great about these ones is that they double as a card – just write a message or note onto the back of each.

DIY Photo Collage Keepsakes

Photo Collage Keepsakes

Printing out photos can sometimes seem like a huge task, but it is always worth it, especially when you’re turning the photos into instant keepsakes! Kids will love decorating photos using paper cut-outs that add a whole new life to your family memories.

DIY Fingerprint Art Cupcake Toppers

Fingerprint Art Cupcake Toppers

Turning cupcakes or any sweet treats into a Mother’s Day dessert has never been easier! Just grab some paper, markers, scissors, and an ink pad and you’ll have these adorable toppers in no time. Kids can also use their fingerprints to stamp the word “Mom” to go along with the “I love you” flags!

Macaroni Art Mother's Day Cards

Macaroni Art Mother’s Day Cards

Pasta and macaroni art is an all-time classic that we will never get over. Macaroni necklaces may be what first pop to mind, but why not make some art instead that double as Mother’s Day cards? Kids can get creative with whatever pasta shapes you have on hand and turn them into a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

"Mom's the Bomb" Mother's Day Cake

“Mom’s the Bomb!” Mother’s Day Cake

This cake is sure to put some big smiles on everyone’s faces! Make sure to pick mom’s favorite flavor for the cake and icing too!

Mother's Day Macarons

Mother’s Day Macaron Cards

Aren’t these cards the cutest things you’ve ever seen? Part printable, part sewing project, these mini macarons are as sweet as can be.

Printable Fresh Flower Bouquet Wrap

Printable Fresh Flower Bouquet Wrap

Collect some flowers from your yard or on your next trip to the grocery store and decorate them with this printable bouquet wrap!

Simple DIY Gift Wrap for Mother's Day

Simple DIY Gift Wrap for Mother’s Day

Scrap fabric, scarves, and tea towels can all be turned into beautiful wrapping for almost any gift using this simple technique from the Japanese art of Furoshiki. Plus, it can be reused over and over after Mother’s Day!

Bean Mosaic Valentines

Bean Mosaics

Although these heart-shaped bean art cards were originally made for Valentine’s Day, we think they’re just as great as Mother’s Day cards! If you have any dried beans in your craft stash or expired ones in your pantry, use them up on these adorable DIY cards.

Painted Donut Mother's Day Card

Painted Donut Mother’s Day Card

Who doesn’t love a donut? Paint the donut (and cake!) of your dreams and turn it into a DIY card for mom. She’s sure to love it!