Crafts for Cat Lovers

Cat lovers rejoice! Today’s blog post is just for you. With Halloween right around the corner, lately we’ve been brainstorming fun crafts that feature black cats. These projects below can easily be adapted to make cats of any color for Halloween or any day of the year!

Paper Plate Black Cats
Some people tend to fear black cats, especially as Halloween approaches, thinking that they bring bad luck. We love the cuddly little guys though, and we’re betting you do too! Celebrate one of Halloween’s cuties with this simple paper plate craft!

Musical Kitten Gift Wrap
If you have a gift or two that need to be wrapped, look no further. Introducing Bandana Kitty and Top Hat Tomcat! Use a kraft paper bag and a few other craft stash staples to put together these darling gifts. We’re not quite sure we could bear to unwrap them!

DIY Kitty Bag
This friendly kitten bag is SO easy to make and the perfect accessory for any outfit. No zippers or complicated fasteners required, just a simple elastic closure to keep your treasures all safe and sound. Plus, the downloadable pattern can be scaled up or down to get a smaller size for kids!

DIY Cat Drilled Pumpkin
With Halloween approaching, we’ve got jack-o-lanterns on the brain. If you do too, you don’t want to miss this simple DIY! The process is made simple by using a drill to make holes all over the pumpkin instead of carving each one out by hand.

Paper Mache Animal Finger Puppets
Kids will love creating these cheerful animal finger puppets and writing a script for their own puppet show! You are of course welcome to craft any animal, but we love these wild cats for our puppet adventures.

Calico Cat Cookies
These cookies may look tricky, but the secret is to let the dough do all the work! Simply add food coloring to the sugar cookie dough, roll the dough colors together somewhat strategically to make a calico pattern, cut out, and bake. It’s so satisfying to see these little cuties come together – no two are the same!

Upcycle an Old Sweater into a Kitty Hand Muff
If you’re a fan of Little Women, this kitty hand muff pocket pouch might just become one of your new all-time favorite accessories. Learn how to make your own from a recycled sweater and fabric scraps!

DIY Kitten Clutches
These felt kitty clutches are just purrrfect! Gather up felt scraps, spare buttons, and pom poms and get ready for a fun afternoon activity. Use whatever colors you like and you’ll soon have a collection of fun rainbow cats!