DIY Planters to Make With Kids

Looking to bring a little bit of the outside in? These DIY planters are just the ticket! Make planters in all shapes and sizes to suit the plants you want to grow – from tiny succulents to herbs to flowers, we’ve got you covered. And not only are planters a fun craft activity to decorate your own home, but the finished planters also make excellent DIY gifts for nearly anyone in your life.

Father’s Day Pasta Planters
If you’re as big a fan of pasta-based crafts as we are, you likely have some fun-shaped noodles in your stash perfect for this project. If not, consider these friendly-looking planters your excuse to go find some at the supermarket!

Upcycled Seashell Mini Planters
Some of our favorite craft projects use old things that are lying around and natural materials. Hunting for the supplies is half the fun! These darling little planters use recycled yogurt containers and seashells. Your kids will love transforming recyclables into these cute little guys!

DIY Neon Pebble Planter
These planters feature aquarium pebbles – they come in so many fun bright colors! With a look almost terrazzo-like, the neon pebbles, grout, and empty tin cans are the main materials in this project. Make a group in a bunch of sizes and colors for a neon rainbow of pebble planters!

Mermaid Scales Mod Podge Planter
Transform a small tea tin into a sparkly mermaid-themed planter with this easy decoupage technique! Do mermaids plant seaweed to keep as houseplants? If they did, they’d use adorable containers like this, don’t you think?

DIY Animal Can Planters
Teach your kids how to grow and care for their own plants with these super fun recycled tuna can planters! They’ll have a blast creating the crazy animals and bugs, complete with legs, wings, and ears.

Upcycled Almond Milk Bottle Vases
These are technically vases, but we couldn’t leave them out – you could easily put soil into them to use them as planters! Save your empty almond milk bottles for this kid-friendly up-cycle.

Recycled Tin Can Planters
These DIY hanging planters made of upcycled tin cans and pattern craft paper are perfect for inside the house or outdoors on your back deck or patio!

DIY Colorful Clay Planters
Add a pop of color to your greenery this summer with these colorful clay planters! Make these at a craft night with friends, give them as gifts, or keep them for yourself! Whatever you choose, some lucky plants will have a cute new home to grow into.

DIY Angel Hanging Planter
This angelic fabric planter is a simple sewing craft that can be made using leftover fabric scraps. It’s a perfect handmade gift for a friend or a fun addition to your home!