The Great Christmas Giveaway: Trimming The Tree


It takes a full week to decorate our family farm for Christmas. My mother-in-law starts in her Great Room and finishes with giant nut crackers guarding the gate. Before she even thinks about pulling the ladder down from the attic to get the boxes of glittery globes, angels, and yards of ribbon, she pours heavy cream into a copper pot to make the best hot chocolate ever. This year we decided to make her life a little easier by setting up a Balsam Hill Fir in her home.


The Balsam Hill Fir was my first introduction to the Balsam Hill collection of Christmas trees. I had serious doubts that an artificial tree could ever replace a real one, so I was not exactly an easy convert. I still surprise myself in saying that I am now totally sold. It’s almost impossible to convince guests that the great pine standing before them is indeed artificial. The easy setup and gorgeous built-in lighting make the choice a total no-brainer.

Trimming The Tree


Christmas is the one time of year when you get a chance to put all of your treasured family memories on display, perfectly captured in the ornaments that you place on your tree. We decided to celebrate the wonderful world of ornaments in today’s installment of our Great Christmas Giveaway, and what better way than by giving away a gorgeous Mistletoe and Holly Ornament Set by Balsam Hill. The 35-piece set is filled with shimmery golds, emerald greens, and timeless Christmas icons ranging from jingle bells to Santa on his sleigh. Use the form below to enter the giveaway!

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Be sure to check in all next week as we continue giving away Christmas. And if you missed our previous post, you definitely need to head over so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to win a gorgeous new Balsam Hill tree of your very own. Until then, check out these cookie recipes that are as festive as they are delicious and will, without a doubt, be making an appearance at next week’s Christmas cookie swap:

Holly Leaf Cookies

DIY Holly Leaf Cookies (via The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle)

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Reindeer Meringue Cookies

Reindeer Meringue Cookies (via I Heart Kitchen)

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Christmas Drum Cookies

Christmas Drum Cookies (via Glorious Treats)

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Flourless Hot Cocoa Cookies

Flourless Hot Chocolate Cookies  Recipe (via Fork Knife Swoon)

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P.S. I had a ball reading all of your Christmas stories in the comments of our previous post and can’t wait to hear more! Special ornaments you made as a child, recipes and traditions you’ve passed down to your children, your own mistletoe memories… we want them all!

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  • We decorate with a lot of kid ornaments, but also German straw ornaments I got for my first Christmas after marrying into a German family. :)
    Sarah M

  • The rule in our house is that no ornament can touch the “main” tree unless it’s handmade. Our tree is filled with ornaments that my brother and I made as children. He’s almost 40, meaning most of our ornaments are nearly four decades old. We even have a few that my mother made when she was little! We of course have other smaller trees sprinkled around the house reserved for the “nice” ornaments – these Mistletoe ones would be great additions!!!

  • i usually decorate in a pastel color with either silver or gold as the second color. this year will probably be a pastel pink with silver. my kids also get to pick out an ornament to place on the tree, so those are always included.

  • I mostly put up all the things the kids have made over the years. Then I add whatever favorites can fit on the tree. I have enough ornaments to decorate several trees, but I do not have several trees – yet.

  • We use ornaments from our childhood and ornaments we’ve collected as a family. It’s colorful and I love the memories it’s creating!

  • We have a lot of different kinds of ornaments on our tree! I have some from when I was a child and would make ornaments with my grandma, there is some my son made when he was young and now my daughter. We have Hallmark ones and others I just liked a lot.

  • We have an eclectic collection of beautiful handblown glass ornaments from Germany mixed with funky handmade ornaments from the kids. It all works somehow.

  • I had 2 trees one with colored lights and a woodland theme and the other with angels lots of pink & white with all our family ornaments. Last year I started adding teal and beach themed ornaments and removing the pink. I buy one and make one new ornament for each of my two grandchildren every year. I love finding special ornaments with meaning each year. If I travel I always get one from the area I go to. Thank you for another wonderful giveaway. These are gorgeous!

  • We decorate our tree with both handmade, store bought and gifted ornaments. We have a neighborhood cookie/ornament exchange that everyone looks forward to every year. Even my teens!

  • We decorate the tree with multi colored lights, oranaments both new and homemade, popcorn strings, some tinsel and a star

  • Our kids are still young so we have pasta garlands and salt dough ornaments. When they get a bit older, I would love to do a more elegant themed tree.

  • When my son was small we decorated with colored lights and “figural” ornaments. Then I shifted to white lights and scheme trees, red/gold, silver/blue/, etc. Now that I’m older I stick with white lights red/silver ornaments. I am esp fond of mercury glass!

  • I decorate my tree with ornaments my Grandmother left me and with ornaments my children have made me over the years.

  • We have 2 trees…One is decorated in white, silver, burgundy with lots of snowmen & glass icicles…the other one is traditional red, green and gold with many handcrafted ornaments & other misc ornaments

  • We decorate our tree with a variety of ornaments…lots of them are handmade, going all the back to ones that my mother and I made together when I was little. Uncovering them each year is one of my favorite things!

  • I decorate with as much as possible! But this year we had to put ornaments on only the top part, because of our kitten!

  • First off that tree looks amazing! We always decorate the day after Thanksgiving and we just continually add a few more ornaments and decorations every year!

  • We use ornaments that have been handed down throughout the years and new ones that we get every year. We always decorate right after Thanksgiving.

  • We choose a theme or a color for the season each year. Usually 90% red & the rest gold & sparkly. With a few special ornaments.

  • I decorate my tree with a large bow on top with spiked ornaments sticking out. I have bows, flowers and red, gold and silver balls all over the tree.

  • We decorate are tree every year with the kids ornaments and then we change it up with different colored bulbs each year.

  • My husband and I decorate with ornaments we’ve collected over the years together, led lights with our Christmas Angel on top! This year well be My son’s first Christmas so he will get his own ornament to add to the tradition.

  • We have ornaments that have been collected through the years. Some ornents commemorate special events and some memorialize loved ones. Each year, we choose a different color scheme.

  • I have made my own for years, but I do not have the energy any more. As the years go on, the grandchildren have taken home a lot

  • We decorate our tree with White Christmas playing in the background, lots of hot cocoa, and all the ornaments from my childhood – plus each year we each pick out one new ornament to add to the tree. Lots of memories – it’s a wonderful time!

  • We decorate our tree with ornaments we have had for years, white lights and my husband insists on tinsel, the messy kind.

  • My husband puts the lights on first. Then we decorate with Hallmark, Disney ornaments, colored balls, spheres, golden & red branches with glitter, garland, a star on top. We put houses all around and a nativity set. We also have a train going around the base of tree; either the Harry Potter train or the Polar Express. We add a tree skirt as well.

  • I decorate my tree with lights, bulbs,bows, icicles, and Christmas ornaments my children made for me over the years, with and large angel on top.

  • Right now we only have a 4ft tree so decorating is pretty simple since it is already pre-lit! I am hoping to win your Christmas tree giveaway because we desperately need a new one!

  • Every year I switch it up, I like a lot of color in my Christmas, sometimes less is more though.

  • We use decorations we’ve had for years. Some from my family, some I’ve bought over the years.

  • i decorate a foot high, artificial tree that i bought at a dollar store!! it has an angel on the top that my best friend game me, right before she passed away!! the angel is light blue with a lacey dress, with gold flecks on it and a strand of pearls..i cherish this 1 ornament because it came from an ANGEL@@@ i had already had 1 strand of multi colored lights and it takes about 3 minutes to decorate. Because I am disabled, this is perfect!!!! thank you!!!

  • I decorate my tree very simply with sparkly white garland, beautiful icicles and ‘snowflake” ornaments that were made for me by my aunt (she’s since passed and they are my most prized possession now) and an angel to top off the tree.

  • i decorate with handmade ornaments that we have made over the years and new ones that i have bought also i only use bobbles no garland or tinsel.

  • We don’t have our tree up yet – still deciding on getting a real one or a fake one, and I don’t know how we’re going to decorate it.

  • We use both old and new ornaments. I have ornaments my grandmother made many years ago along with ones that my children made.

  • I have an eclectic mix of ornaments (mostly handmade–crochet snowflakes, cross-stitch, wooden, knit), tiny coloured lights, and cranberry-popcorn garland.

  • We do it on my birthday, December 16th. We just have fun pulling out all the decorations and remembering where each one came from.

  • the lights are already on tree.. came with it. i put TONS AND TONS of ornaments.. antique and newer ones..everything has to look balanced hehehehe

  • I decorate the tree with all the ornaments that we’ve collected over the years. Also with colored lights, always colored lights. :)

  • I usually like a purple and silver tree but the past few years it has been more traditional:; red, green, gold

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