10 Flower Power Crafts to Welcome Summer

10 Fun & Easy Flower Power Crafts

Hands up if you’re family of flower lovers – we sure are! With spring officially here and summer not far off, we can’t help but be cheered up by the sight of flowers. They bring big smiles every day, whether they’re wildflowers on the side of the road, beautifully arranged bouquets at the store, or our personal favorite – flower power crafts!

The Very Best Flower Power Crafts

DIY Stenciled Overalls

Dress up an old pair of overalls with stencils! Mix and match as many colors as you like, and it’ll feel like you’re wearing a garden. Is there anything better?

The Very Best Flower Power Crafts

Twizzler Flower Toppers

This sweet garden comes together in minutes! Simply cut Twizzlers into slices and add to the side of a homemade or store-bought cake. What a fun way to add color to an otherwise plain treat!

The Very Best Flower Power Crafts

Painted Felt Flower Planner Clips

You’ll never lose your page again with these adorable felt flowers. Add tiny kawaii faces and painted details to make them even cuter.

The Very Best Flower Power Crafts

Painted Rock Flower Puzzle

Painting rocks is a classic craft that we never get sick of, and this flower puzzle is so much fun. Grab a few pebbles and small rocks from your backyard and turn them into this ever-evolving flower puzzle.

The Very Best Flower Power Crafts

Spring Flower Activity

Welcome spring with a crew of cutie flowers! Use crepe paper scraps to create the smiling flowers and plant them in whatever vessels you have at on hand at home. Instant spring decor!

The Very Best Flower Power Crafts

Edible Flower Pie Crust

Never make a plain old pie again. This flower-covered pie is not only beautiful but tasty too. It’s sure to be a showstopper no matter what flavor you pick for the filling. Yum!

The Very Best Flower Power Crafts

Floral Pipe Cleaner Wall Hanging

Turn pastel pipe cleaners into a playful wall hanging that’s perfect for any room. Isn’t it amazing what you can make with a few pipe cleaners, felt, and glue?

The Very Best Flower Power Crafts

Flower Garden Reading Companions

Download these free printables and make sure all the books in your home library are labeled. Plus, there’s the added bonus of matching bookmarks. Perfect!

The Very Best Flower Power Crafts

Gummy Candy Floral Wreath Cake

Even the plainest store-bought cake can be beautiful if you add a few gummy candies. We used pastel flowers, green shoelaces, and spearmint leaves. We’ll take a slice or two, please!

The Very Best Flower Power Crafts

How to Make Paper Plate Flowers

Paper plates are the perfect starting point for flowers. Just give them a coat of paint, cut out some petals, and voila! They look even better when you layer a few together. Hang them on your wall or in the window to cheer up passers-by.

Happy crafting!