Misako Mimoko’s Best Fall Projects

There is just no one else like Eva Monleon aka Misako Mimoko! I have been following her crafting career for almost a decade now (as a fellow artist/creator/crafter) and she is beyond inspiring to watch. Her imaginative designs are always whimsical and infused with pure magical delight! So today, I’m putting together a round-up of all-things-fall by Eva and I hope you enjoy!

DIY Trapezist Leaves Mobile
Adorable and whimsical this Trapezist Mobile is bursting with acrobatics waiting to happen! Simple to construct for tiny hands, you need just a few simple supplies to make this unforgettable fall mobile!

DIY Smiling Leaf Baby Rattle
Speaking of leaves that know where the action is, check out this adorable rattle made from a few simple things like collected leaves, popsicle sticks and stickers! I love how simply tying some buttons on with string creates a rattling noise!

DIY Tea Bag Holders
It’s getting chilly out now and I am craving tea! How cute are these Tea Bag Holders created to look like toadstool mushrooms?! Functional + adorable! I want to make a bunch and give them as gifts for the holidays! But first, I’ll make a cup of tea for myself!

Halloween Pipe Cleaner Puppets
Check out these Pipe Cleaner puppets! I can even envision them as Thanksgiving-themed characters, can’t you!? Little hands can make the bendable arms and legs of these cool puppets move into action poses! Put on an autumn-themed play for your friends and maybe you can even use some crunch fall leaves as background props!

Mr. Pumpkin Pincushion Doll Tutorial
Pincushions don’t have to be boring! In fact, they can be downright adorable! Take this Mr. Pumpkin designed one for example. Just looking at it motivates me to tackle a sewing project and bake a pumpkin pie!

DIY Magical Walnut Creatures
Okay! It’s official! I want to dress up like a Magical Walnut Creature! Or, what I really want to do is make a bunch of these and use them as a centerpiece at my Thanksgiving table! Grab the kids and a few simple supplies and you can get nutty with this amazing project!

Folksy Tea Light Candle Holders
My entire life has been made by these tea holders. Can’t you see them all over and in every corner of your house? I love that they encourage upcycling of toilet paper rolls which we all have plenty of!

DIY Bird Feeder Play Set
When the weather gets chilly, it’s time to think about feeding the birds! I love this playset created by Eva. Made of simple things like felt and pom-poms, it’s full of sensory objects and perfect for little exploring hands.

DIY Retro Halloween Hand Puppets
These sweet puppets are perfect for the little ones since they are more cute than creepy which I love for smaller kids! I love how Eva used the gingham fabric for the hand portion of the puppet in contrast with the Halloween faces! The step-by-step tutorial she provides makes you realize just how easy it is to make your own puppets.

DIY Halloween Ghost Cactuses
I love this these ghost-cactuses are Halloween themed but also seem kind of evergreen too! I would totally leave them up all year long!

If you love these ideas as much as we do, you can check out all of Eva’s work for Handmade Charlotte right here!