Last Minute Pumpkin Ideas

Happy Halloween!! The big day is finally here – we’ve had so much fun sharing our favorite fall recipes, spooky Halloween decorations, a week full of monster projects, and of course simple pumpkin tutorials. In case you’re still decorating for Halloween today, we’ve gathered up ten of our favorite pumpkin carving and painting projects. They’re all quick and simple to do, so grab a pumpkin, put on a scary movie and let’s get carving!

Glow-in-the-Dark Painted Pumpkins
These painted pumpkins are the perfect mix of creepy and cute – use glow in the dark paint so that they are the stars of the show both day and night!

DIY Cat Drilled Pumpkin
Cat lovers, this one’s for you! Use a drill to make holes in a pumpkin, and cut little ears in to make a handful of Halloween kitties. The drill makes it super easy and quick, we promise!

Painted Pumpkin LEGO Heads
We’re big fans of LEGO here, so we just had to turn mini pumpkins into a few of our favorite classic LEGO faces!

DIY Painted Flamingo Gourds
Not technically a pumpkin, but these painted gourds definitely deserve an honorable mention on our list! If you’re not into super spooky decor, this tutorial is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit.

DIY Fingerprint Art Pumpkins
Another one of our favorites this year, this painted pumpkin is perfect for making with your little ones – all you need is some paint, a thumb, and a blank pumpkin!

DIY Music Note Drilled Pumpkin
Once we got drilling pumpkins, we couldn’t stop! This project uses a drill to make these simple music notes. Great for music fans, or a Halloween dance!

Painted Party Pumpkins
These colorful friends are ready to party! This tutorial used a whole rainbow of colors, but feel free to pick your favorites and make coordinating paper party hats.

Butternut Squash Bunnies
Another honorable mention – these butternut squash bunnies are just too cute not to include. Plus, swap in different ears and you can make a whole crew of butternut bunnies, cats, and dogs!

Skip a Knife, Save a Pumpkin
In case you haven’t already noticed, we love painting pumpkins. They last so much longer than carving, and you can add a whole bunch of colors and shapes to your Halloween decor! In this tutorial, we used paint and stencils to decorate these pumpkins for the porch.

DIY Spooky Drilled Pumpkin
And don’t be scared – you still have a whole day to finish up your pumpkin painting and carving! This spooky pumpkin uses a drill to spell out a BOO pattern all over. Quick and simple, can you ask for anything more?

We want to see your DIY Handmade Charlotte pumpkins! Share photos on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us so that we can see your creepy creations. Happy Halloween!!