Rainbow Hued Sweaters for Kids

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we wish there were adult sizes available of all the fun kids’ styles we find! Today we’re embracing the rainbow while the chilly weather is still here. Spring is right around the corner, and we’re so excited for warmer weather and colorful flowers to start springing up in the garden, but the temperatures haven’t quite caught up with our mood yet. With that in mind, we rounded up this collection of cozy sweaters that are warm yet bright and ready to transition into spring!

And while your kids are picking out what sweater best matches their mood, why not create a matching craft? Take a look at a handful of craft projects in all colors of the rainbow below.

a. Textured-Knit Blouson-Sleeve Sweater for Girls in Coral Sunset

b. Fine-Knit Sweater in Orange

c. Cable-Knit Sweater in Dark Yellow

d. Sweatshirt in Yellow & White Dotted

e. Hooded Jacket in Light Neon Green

f. Kids Ombre Hoodie in Aqua Tide

g. Kids Print Crewneck Sweatshirt in Blue Tie Dye

h. Chenille Sweater in Light Purple

i. Collar Tee in Blush

Rainbow Hued Sweaters for Kids
How to Paint a Gigantic Mural
We had the best time ever planning and painting this show-stopping mural onto the exterior of our studio! The pattern is one of our favorites from Winter Water Factory, and we used a shade of red paint called Habanero.

Rainbow Hued Sweaters for Kids
Florida Orange Bookmarks

What first pops into your head when you think of the color orange? How about actual oranges? These adorable mini Florida oranges are cute as can be and are the perfect bookmarks for all your favorite reads.

Rainbow Hued Sweaters for Kids
Mod Podge Slime Honeybee Favors
Kids who love making slime are sure to have a great time making these cute honeybee slime favors!

Rainbow Hued Sweaters for Kids
Tiny Pasta Plants
You don’t need a green thumb to make these miniature pasta plants! Just  grab some pasta noodles and paint and you’re halfway there.

Rainbow Hued Sweaters for Kids
Under the Sea Rock Art
Painting rocks is so much fun because you can literally paint any design you like! We love the idea of assigning a theme to your rock paintings, and under the deep blue sea is a great one!

Rainbow Hued Sweaters for Kids
Egg Carton Floral Garland
Who knew egg cartons could look so lovely? Thanks to tissue paper and Mod Podge, this garland is an adorable upcycled craft that makes an excellent decoration for spring, or any time of year!
Rainbow Hued Sweaters for Kids

Strawberry Cupcake Toppers

And last but not least, pink! These sweet looking strawberries are the perfect way to dress up cupcakes for any occasion.