DIY Elephant Pin Cushion Kit

    DIY Summer Camp Day 3

    Welcome to day three of socially conscious summer camp! Today we're making pin cushions and leather moccasins.
    Bowling Alley Cake

    Bowling Alley Cake

    If your next birthday party is at a bowling alley, you NEED to make this cake!
    DIY Summer Camp

    DIY Summer Camp Day 2

    Today we're customizing buttons and leather clutches with kits from the Handmade With Love collection!
    DIY Bunny Donuts Tutorial

    Bunny Donuts

    Decorate donuts and donut holes to look like adorable bunnies!
    DIY Carousel Cake Tutorial and Recipe

    Carousel Cake

    As Julia Child said, a party without cake is just a meeting - just imagine the looks on everyone's faces when you bring this cake to a party!